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What is the Best RC Helicopter for Kids?

What is the best RC helicopter for kids? Any that is easy to learn to fly and durable enough to survive a few crashes are what you need for a child’s first remote control helicopter. Also, you don’t want to spent a lot as they will undoubtedly fly their machine into walls, trees, and other objects. Here are some of the best RC helicopters for kids that fit the criteria.  Some of the bigger models have cameras or are adapted for video use.

TIP: These are easier to fly with gyros installed. Be sure to check for that if a beginner.

Remote control helicopter for kids Syma S107/S107G R/C Blue Helicopter

This is a good remote controlled helicopter for beginners because it’s stable and its metal frame withstands punishment. An inboard gyroscope makes precise control possible, and can be used indoors.  Controls allow flying up, down, left, right, forward, and backward, and the controller has 2 frequencies to allow flying 2 units simultaneously. This model is 7.5 inches long and the suggested age is for 14 years and older. It charges quickly, only taking less than an hour to get to a full charge. A great feature for impatient young children. However it also drains the battery quickly when used.

coast guard remote control helicopter for kidsCoast Guard Rescue RC 3.5CH Gyro Remote Control Helicopter

The Coast Guard rescue helicopter has a built in electric gyroscope system. This allows a user to control the remote controlled vehicle more precisely. The control range is about 20 feet. This helicopter has trim control and it can ascend, descend, turn left, turn right, and go forward and backward. Batteries can be charged via USB port and will fly for 5 – 8 minutes after a 30 minute charge. It is recommended for 8 years and older. It is 8.5 inches long.

Watch the Coast Guard Remote Control Helicopter in Action in this Video:

Chinook rc helicopterSyma Chinook RC Army Green Helicopter

This Chinook is for 10 years up. It has a gyro which makes it more stable and responsive. It works best inside or in low wind. The battery takes 20 minutes to charge for a 6 – 7 minute flight. It will charge from the computer with the USB adapter. This is about 10. 5 inches long and flies best with no wind or breeze. The Chinook is made from tough material that holds up to beginner crashes.

All of the above remote control helicopters are in the lower price range. These are best for kids and adults new to remote control helicopters because it’s likely while learning to fly, the helicopter will take a beating. Also these are smaller and lightweight – a good thing if your kids practice inside the house and they run into things on their training route. Once your child has more practice, they may want to move up to more advanced models.

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