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What is the Best iPad Car Holder for the Back Seat?

An iPad car holder for the back seat headrest lets the kids watch movies on long road trips while protecting your iPad. Here are reviews of two of the best and least expensive. These are made to fit most of the iPad versions including the newest one.

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Snugg iPad Headrest Mount for the Back Seat Review

If you already have the Snugg iPad cover, then you’ll want Snugg’s headrest mount. The design of this iPad car holder is simple and made to fit the Snugg cover without having to remove the cover.

TheSnugg iPad car mount attaches to the headrest with a strap you wrap around the headrest and secure with Velcro. You then slip the Snugg front cover into the strap and rest the bottom of the Snugg cover on the bottom two hooks. You can have this set up in less than a minute. And it’s secure. With the strap holding the flap and the hooks, it cannot wiggle out or fall even on bumpy roads.

Removal also only takes a few seconds. So you can quickly remove it to take with you when you leave the car. If you don’t want to leave the headrest mount up for fear of someone breaking in to look for the iPad, you can take it down in less than 10 seconds.

Overall, the Snugg iPad headrest mount is easy and fast to use. It works perfectly with the Snugg iPad cover and may work with other iPad covers with a similar design, such as the standard Apple cover, just as easily.

Cons: This is meant to be used with an iPad cover and not the iPad alone. If you do not have a cover on your iPad that has a flap that is also used as a stand, this is not the right headrest mount for you.

Ipad car mount headrest Griffin Cinema Seat Headrest Video Case for the iPad Review

If you do not have the Snugg iPad cover or cover with a flap used as a stand, then the Griffin Cinema Seat Headrest case is your best bet. At less than $20, it’s also cheap and comes with top reviews by users. It’s also durable and fits securely to the back of a car headrest that same as the Snugg mount. The only drawback is that you will have to take your iPad out of its regular case and insert into this one for travel.

The iPad slips into the top of the case easily even when it’s already attached to the car. Having to transfer the iPad from one case to another is a bit more work than using the Snugg set, but still only takes about a minute to set it all up.

The Griffin Cinema Seat Headrest Video Case for the iPad has large cut outs on the side. As long as you put the iPad in right side up, you’ll have access to plug in the power cord and head phones on the iPad 1, 2, 3 and future models. The front of the case has an opening for the power button so you know which way to put it in.

As a bonus on this iPad headrest mount, there’s a small net pouch on the back for you to store your small headphones and power cord.

Which is the Best iPad Car Holder for the Back Seat to Buy?

If you want the convenience of not having to move your iPad from one case to another, then buy the Snugg set. Although if your current case already has a flap you use as a stand, then you would only need to buy the Snugg headrest mount. If you want to buy something a little cheaper and not mind transferring the iPad, opt for the Griffin Cinema Seat Headrest Video Case for the iPad.

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