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What is the Best Folding Travel Potty Seat?

Potty training has to include leaving the house. But public restrooms can be scary for youngsters and when a potty training or even fully potty trained child says he needs to go, he means he needed to go five minutes ago. This makes having a potty to go an essential part of any toilet training supply kit. This two folding travel potty seats are cheap, easy to clean and easy to carry.

Since travel potty seats are designed to fold and fit a variety of toilets, do stay with your child while using a potty to go on a toilet seat. They are not as secure by design as a potty seat used at home or potty chair that sits on the ground. Wiggling kids or those over the weight limit may fall into the toilet, setting your potty training back a few dozen steps.

Best Folding Travel Potty SeatMost Compact Folding Travel Potty Seat

Mommy’s Helper Cushie Traveler wins the award for most compact travel potty seat. This seat folds up and fits inside its carrying bag, taking up about the same amount of space as a couple of diapers. When positioned properly it fits onto most any toilet and has a some padding for comfort. Its lack of fancy adornments makes it easy to clean with a disposable wipe. It may not be as sturdy for kids over 25 pounds, but is the right size for most infants age 12 months and toddlers under 25 pounds.

travel potty seat Best All Around Folding Travel Potty Seat

The Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus gets the best all-around travel potty award. This travel child’s potty can fit onto a toilet seat or fold into its own potty chair for times your child just cannot hold it. When used as a potty chair, you can use the liners made to go with the chair, but a plastic shopping bag works just as well. When finished, you tie off the bag and throw it into the trash. It fits onto any toilet seat and is a bit sturdier than the Mommy’s Helper Cushie Traveler. Although not as compact as the Cushie Travler, it is less to carry around than most travel potties in that it is just the seat. The plastic garbage bag works as the toilet. It has a slightly raised splash guard for the boys, but do note that this splash guard is minimal.  This is a good choice if you regularly travel or go camping and aren’t always within a couple of minutes from a restroom.

If you are infant potty training and using elimination communication, then you will still need to hold your little one over the toilet as you do at home until she can reliably sit up and hold herself in a sitting position. With the rarity of infant potty training in the U.S., travel potty seats and chairs are made for the over two crowd and not meant to support an infant, although the potty to go seats listed above can be used for most kids over the age of 12 months as long as you are there to support your child.

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