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What are the Best Rated Baby Proofing Products?

There are a number of best rate baby proofing products for all your cabinets, drawers, windows, doors, and even the trashcan. Safety 1st and KidCo are two of the top sellers because their products work and are generally easy to install and use.

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Best Rated Baby Proofing Products For Electrical Outlets

The cheap plastic outlet plugs will work for most any baby or toddler. They are easy to put in and a bit difficult to get out, even for adults. If you need to use the outlet regularly, consider getting a whole outlet cover, which lets you plug two cords into the outlet but keeps them covered. The electrical outlet covers by Safety 1st and Kidco are highly rated by reviewers.

Safety 1st Oulet Cover Installation Instructions Video

How to childproof your home Best Baby Proofing Products For Cabinets and Drawers

We went through several types of cabinet locks. It’s possible we tried them all. Most were a pain to install and often did not work properly or line up right. The magnet locks seemed like a good idea, but really didn’t work and you have to remember where you put the magnet key. And kids easily figure out the magnets on the fridge can open it.

The best baby cabinet locks we found and eventually installed in all cabinets were the Safety 1st spring loaded latches and the Dreambaby sliding locks.

trash can baby lockBest Baby Proofing Products For the Trashcan, Drawers, Dishwashers and More

Munchkin and Safety 1st make latches that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including the trashcan. This sticks to the lid and the side locking it. You pinch the release buttons to open the lid. We used these on the trashcan and wood surfaces to keep some drawers closed. They did not damage the wood.

Buy the one that is closest to the length you need. They do not adjust and both work equally well, making the length the most important difference.

tv strapBest Rated Baby Proofing Products For TVs and Other Heavy Appliances

The number of injuries and even deaths each year because a TV fell on a child is staggering. Even if you think the TV is out of reach, it should be strapped down. Kids climb and climbing up to the television could make it rock and fall over. The KidCo Anti-Tip TV Strap is the most highly rated for flat screen televisions.


fireplace gateBest Gates For the Fireplace and Stairs

Really the best baby proofing for the fireplace is just to put a gate up. There are good locks and padding to protect from falls onto the hearth, but the gate ensures your baby or toddler won’t get to the fireplace. The Kidco gate can be configured to wrap around any fireplace and screws into the wall. There’s a door that’s easy for adults to open and close – which you can do with one hand while carrying baby. This gate works great for the bottom and tops of stairs as well.

Best Baby Proofing Products For Door Knobs

Doorknob covers go over the doorknob and require dexterity to open. This can help keep your baby or toddler out of the office, bathroom, or any other room you don’t want. Most work well, but not perfectly. The size of your doorknob makes a difference in how well it fits and works. Also, some kids do figure these out quickly.

door knob lockThe KidCo Knob Lock is the top rated for doorknobs.



door lever lock babiesThe Kidco Lever Lock is the top rated for lever door handles.



baby window guardBest Window Guards and Lock

Windows can be all too enticing to a young child to investigate and try to climb out. They could also fall out when playing on a bed nearby. The Kidco Mesh Window Guard fits windows 26 to 40 inches wide, is rated to tolerate 60 pounds of force, and is easy for adults and older kids to remove in an emergency. Also, it looks nice, unlike the metal window guards.

Another option for window baby proofing is putting on window locks. The best baby proofing products for window locks will depend on what type of windows you have. These let you keep the window open for a breeze, but not open enough that a child could fit through.

Toilet Seat Locks

For child proofing toilets, you can use the sticky latches that you use for the trashcan or put a door handle lock on. Another option is a toilet lid lock. The top rated is the one made by Mommy’s Helper.

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