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What are the Best Inline Skates for Kids and Teens?

Inline skating is an excellent way to exercise and get kids and teens moving. Skating burns an average of 285 calories per half-hour and builds the hip and thigh muscles. Inline skating can be used for getting to and from school and as a sport. The best inline skates for kids and teens really depends on the child’s age and how they plan to use the skates.

Types of Inline Skates

Inline skates are often commonly called rollerblades. Rollerblade is actually a trademarked name for a specific brand if inline skates: Rollerblades.

Best Inline Skates for Kids

Kids inline skates such as these sold on Amazon are adjustable and will grow with your child through several shoe sizes.

Inline Skates for Kids

Inline skates for younger kids may be adjustable so they grow with your child. Match the smallest size on the adjustable skate with your child’s current shoe size. This ensures you get the most value out of your skates because you use each size setting. Typical adjustable skates will grow about four sizes. Avoid buying skates that are slightly larger than your child’s current foot size. These will rub and be uncomfortable. You won’t save money buying larger skates if your child refuses to wear them.

Best rollerblades for kids

Recreational skates like these are make to be comfortable while skating around the neighborhood.

Recreational Inline Skates

These skates are designed with comfort and support in mind. They have a higher ankle support and a softer exterior than other boots. The wheels are an average height – usually 80 to 90 millimeters. However, you can change the wheel size on most models as you progress. It’s not unusual to have extra venting and other comforts added to the skates. Recreational skates are good for beginners.


aggressvie inline skates for teens

These aggressive inline skates are for teenagers who skate at the skate park.

Aggressive Inline Skates

Aggressive skates are the only serious option for individuals who are rough with their skates. Teens wear aggressive skates at skate parks to do tricks. The skate is extremely solid and nearly indestructible. The wheels are smaller and flatter than other wheels. They are not designed for commuting or skating to a destination.


kids roller hockey skates

These youth roller hockey skates adjust to shoe sizes 11 to 1.

Inline Roller Hockey Skates

As the name implies, the skates are designed for playing roller hockey. They come with a hockey boot and smaller wheels, which work well for quick stops and turns.

Choosing Inline Skates

Once you know what kind of skate you are looking for, it’s time to start trying them on. The ideal place to do this is in a store that specializes in inline skates. The staff can help you fit the skates and narrow down your options within your price range. If you don’t have a speciality store near you, you may need to shop at larger, multi-purpose sporting goods stores. The staff in these stores vary in their specialized knowledge of inline skating.

Get a Comfortable Fit for Your Child

The skate sizes are comparable to your shoe sizes, but they don’t always come in half sizes or varying widths. You can add a liner to the skate or adjust the boot. When you stand in the skate, the heel of your foot should be right to the back of the skate boot. However, the skate shouldn’t be too big either because with use, the boot liner becomes compress making the boot fit looser. Some inline skates come in half sizes while others don’t. Others have more options for adjusting them, which can provide a better fit.

Where to Buy Inline Skates for Kids and Teens

If you can’t find a store that sells the type of skates you want, shop online. Amazon has a wide selection of inline skates. Always look at the return policy in case they don’t fit. Go to the company’s original website and see if they have advice on sizing skates.

A Little History on Inline Skating

Inline skates date back to the 18th century where they have a history in Northern Europe countries. The first patent for inline skates was purchased in France by M. Petitbled. The skate had three inline wheels, a wood base and leather straps. It was strapped onto the shoe. In 1984, Bob Naegele, Jr purchased a company from Scott Olson. This company later became Rollerblade, a name now synonymous with inline skating.

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