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Weighted Vest for Kids with Autism or ADHD

Weighted and compression clothes help some children with sensory disorders associated with ADHD and autism overcome some of these challenges. Like swaddling a newborn baby, compression clothes or a weighted vest for kids can help a child focus and relax.  These garments can be in the form of vests, jackets, or shorts, and have pockets to place weights for easy placement and removal. The deep pressure on the body works like a hug and controlled by tightening or loosening straps.

This highly rated vest comes in 4 sizes. XX small 1 – 2, X small 2 -4, small 5 – 8, and large for adult. Weights fit into pockets and can be added or removed to adjust weight distribution and for cleaning and washing. Straps allow precise tightening to further adjust pressure. Weights include two 1/2 pound and four 1/4 pound weights.

When using a weighted vest for your child, work with your occupational therapist, physician, and the child’s teacher as needed. Although many children have benefited from using a weighted vest for kids, no all children do. Working with doctors and occupational therapists can help you use the vest safety and with the best possible outcome.

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