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The Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Doll Collection

Find an Elizabeth Taylor Barbie doll for sale and learn values of each doll.

The Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Doll collection inspired by movie icon Elizabeth Taylor gives tribute to her movie career and personal crusades. It includes five different dolls released from 2000 to 2012. All are as glamorous as Taylor was and desired by Barbie doll collectors. You can find Elizabeth Taylor dolls for sale on eBay and on Amazon. These make great gifts for Barbie doll collectors.

2012 White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Doll

This is one of two Barbies in which the faces were approved by Elizabeth Taylor herself before her death. The red ribbon pinned to her dress represents her work with AIDS and HIV. She wears knee length white 50s style dress with a bow at the waist. Here gloves and shoes are also white. This doll comes with several accessories, including a white slip dress, sunglasses, jewelry and a second pair of white shoes. She is a Gold Label and part of the 2012 Silkstone collection. She originally sold for $150. If any of the accessories are missing, the value is diminished.

Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes 2012 Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes Barbie Doll

This is another Elizabeth Taylor Barbie doll that received approval from Elizabeth Taylor. She also wears a red ribbon and is a Gold Label doll from the 2012 Silkstone collection. Her original price was $125.

Here she is dressed all in black and gives a vixen vibe. Her dress hits just below the knees and is slim fitting with a slight puff to the short sleeves. She also wears a rhinestone bracelet, earrings, and a brooch. She has on black lace tights and black shoes. Accessories include a perfume bottle, sunglasses, and earrings.

cleopatra doll2000 Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Doll

Here the movie icon is dressed all in gold with amazing detail to portray the goddess Isis. The floor length golden dress actually sparkles in the light. Draped over her shoulders is a gold and black cloak that gives the illusion of being draped in feathers. She wears a headdress with a cobra, feather, and sun disc emblems. Even her makeup is detailed with black around the eyes as you would picture Cleopatra to look.

This doll was released in 2000 as part of the Timeless Treasures collection and originally sold for $75.

elizabet taylor bride doll2000 Elizabeth Taylor Bride Doll

This is inspired by the movie Father of the Bride. The wedding gown is an exact replica of the dress worn in the movie including the veil and flower bouquet. The dress has long sleeves, lace at the neck and down the center of the dress, and ruffled folds on the skirt. The veil reaches the floor and is edged with lace. She wears faux pearl earrings and the wedding ring is painted on. This was originally priced at $75.

How Much is Your Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Doll Worth?

These dolls have kept collectors’ interest over time, enough to keep the value, but not enough to raise the value of the doll. If your doll is still in the box and has never been opened, then it is worth about what it originally sold for.


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