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The Best Stay in Bed Clock for Toddlers

Here are some of the best stay in bed clocks to buy for toddlers to help coordinate your wake up time with your toddler. Finally get to sleep in past sunrise on the weekends!

The best stay in bed clock for toddlers is not one that displays the actual time, because as you probably know, toddlers live in the now time and anything beyond that is outside their understanding. But if you have a toddler that wakes very early, their now time and yours are probably not in agreement. What you need is a stay in bed clock that gives your toddler a picture of when it’s time to wake and when they should still be in bed-or at least stay in their room to play quietly until it’s time for you to get up.

clocks to help toddlers stay in bed

Sam the toddler stay in bed clock can be purchased on Amazon.

Zazu Sleep Trainer

This stay in bed clock gives kids two visual signals that’s it’s time to get up or that they should still get some more sleep. Sam the sheep’s eyes stay closed when it’s sleep time and open when it’s time to get up. Also the LCD screen goes through three color phases. Dark blue–it’s sleep time, green–it’s almost time to get up, and light blue–time to get up! The light has seven brightness settings, so it makes a good nightlight without being too bright. Or you can set the light to turn off with a timer function so there’s not light at night. You can use this as an alarm clock as well. There are different sounds to gently wake your child including a “baaaa” made by Sam. Sam comes with different face colors, grey, blue, and pink.

clock for kids to stay in bedThe Stop Light Stay in Bed Alarm Clock for Toddlers

This one does tell the time, but it’s the stoplight that will help your toddler know if it’s time to get out of bed. Red light means stay in bed. Green light means go, go, go – it’s time to start the day! The yellow light does light up at a nightlight if you set it. The green light will stay on for one hour. If needed, you can also set the alarm to beep with the green light. Although if your child needs a noisy alarm to wake them up, he probably doesn’t need a stay in bed clock. Comes in different designs including a sports boy in a race car, train, owl, and a girl in a flower car.

The Toddler OK to Wake Clock Review Ok to wake clock

This uses color changes that are quite effective as giving toddlers a visual of when it’s OK to wake up. The clock is normally white when set to night time. At the time you input it will glow green – meaning GO! wake mom and dad. If your child loves games, this is a great way to turn staying in his room later into the morning hours into a game. Your child may wake early, but watch the clock for the green light to race to wake you up.

Toddler clock sun moonKidsleep Review

This is a nightlight and wake up clock. There are two pictures on the clock; a bunny in bed asleep and a bunny walking outside with the sun shining. At night, the bunny in bed stays lit providing a soft nightlight. During the day, the bunny outside in the sun lights up. This is a simple set of pictures for toddlers to understand making it one of the best for getting them to stay in bed just a little longer than normal.

Toddler clock ok to wakeOk to Wake! Stuffed Owl Review

A soft stuffed animal to snuggle with, night light, and stay in bed alarm clock all in one. Like the Ok to Wake version, the light changes to a bright green in the morning when it’s OK to go wake mom and dad. At night, the owl’s face glows a soft yellow light making it a night light that can be hugged all night long.


How a Stay In Bed Clock for Toddlers Works

These are not meant to be an alarm clock, since your child seems to have an internal alarm set to its own very early hour. Instead they are a way to help your child learn when he can get out of bed to wake you and when he should stay in his room. When the clock shows the moon or dark colors, then its sleep time. When it shows a sun or bright colors, then he can leave his room to wake you. Of course, it will take some practice before this helps your early waking toddler learn when it’s best to get out of bed or out of his room. But many report that over a few days, they get to sleep in a bit later each morning as their child waits for the sun on his clock to rise.

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