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The Best Potty Step Stool With Handles – Potty Stool Review

This is the most stable potty stool you can buy for kids.

This is the most stable potty stool you can buy for kids.

The Potty Stool is the best potty step stool with handles and a wide step you can buy.

There are a few potty step stools with handles on the market. And most are cheaper than the Potty Stool. But this product has many advantages the others don’t and it’s well made. It’s made of antibacterial thick plastic that is not likely to break and provides support for even the shakiest of kids. The Potty Stool is well worth the more expensive price.

The Design of the Potty Stool
The base of the step stool wraps around the base of the toilet. The handles are thick and wide providing almost a wall to help steady your child should he loose his balance. The step is 8.5 inches of the ground and very wide. If you have a child with autism, cerebral palsy, or other condition with coordination concerns, this step is one of the widest you can find giving your child lots of room to steady himself and turn around on the step without falling off.

No Slipping
The wide base and rubber grips under the step keep this stool in place. It will not slip or shift as your child climbs onto it.

No Potty Seat Attached is a Good Thing
Many other toddler step stools with handles come with a potty seat attached. This one does not and that is an advantage. You can use any potty seat you want with this stool. Because it is not attached to the potty seat, movement on the potty seat does not move the stool. Also, this makes it easier to keep the potty seat clean because you don’t have to detach it from the stool every time to rinse or scrub it.

Handles Give Safety and Comfort
The handles are curved so your child can easily reach them when stepping up. They are also tall enough they rise above the toilet seat also giving your child a sturdy handle when sitting on the potty. Perfect for those kids afraid of sitting on the potty and needing the extra security.

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