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The Best Outdoor Play Equipment for Toddlers and Little Kids

Of course the best outdoor play equipment for toddlers and little kids is really found in the natural world; sticks, rocks, dirt, leaves, bugs etc. But it’s also good to have some other toys that let toddlers safely play outside, explore the world around them, and work on their coordination and motor skills. These are some of the best toddler outdoor play equipment for sale that let your little boy or girl do just that.

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Water Table for ToddlersWater Table for Toddlers

A water table is a must have outdoor play equipment for any toddler. Kids can spend hours splashing, floating boats, and filling it with dirt to make mud. In the cooler months you can fill it with sand or even clay or make moon sand (flour and baby oil mixed) to fill it. Leave it empty kids will get creative with what they can put in a water table. My own kids have had one for several years, they are 6 and 4 and I have no plans to get rid ours anytime soon. It has held water, colored water, mud, clay, moon sand, and regular sand. It has been well worth the price. If you have more than one young child, do buy one with lots of space to fit all the kids around the table. Otherwise there will be a fight over the water table. We have the pirate ship water table which for two kids is plenty of space.

Toddler Caterpillar Outdoor Climbing Structure

Your kids can climb inside and play peek-a-boo through the windows or climb on top to ride the caterpillar. Can be used indoors in the winter and outside during the summer.


best step 2 playhouseBest Step 2Toddler Playhouse for the Backyard

This is one of the best-rated outdoor playhouses for toddlers. It has a pretend kitchen and two seats inside. A real doorbell, working door, and mail slot are loved by kids. You will be amazed at what stories they can create with this toddler outdoor play equipment. Click here for more great plastic playhouses.


outdoor playsets for toddlers Little Tikes Castle Slide

Your toddler climbs up the rock wall, plays pirate ship at the top with the steering wheel and then slides down the slide. Perfect for 1, 2, and 3 year olds. This is similar to the model my kids had at this age. It was durable, even when left outside year round. The slide end does fit nicely over the side of a small toddler pool, so in the summer your toddler can have a waterslide %u2013 use only with supervision of course. It is a little more challenging for the very young toddlers to figure out the rock wall, but it%u2019s a good challenge in teaching coordination and strength.

outside toys for toddlers Toddler Bubble Lawn Mower

As your toddler pushes this mow to be just like mommy or daddy working in the yard, bubbles blow out. Switches and buttons make clicking and vroom noises. The only complaint is that the bubble formula is too thick, but once you dilute it a bit it works well. That’s actually nice because then the bubbles will last longer and save you money on refills.

kids gardening toolsCheap Gardening Tools

Two hand shovels and short rake are included for this cheap price. Let your toddler help you garden or just dig in the mud.


kids police car to rideRide In Cars, Gators, Trucks, Taxis, and Police Cars

Toddlers can race or go to “work” in their very one car. They must use their feet to move the car and steer. Great for imagination play and developing physical strength. Some have a little compartment in the back to pack and carry treasures. Spend the extra money and get the trailer that goes with it. My son would spend all day outside pulling stuff around in his trailer.

kids teeter totterToddler Teeter Totter

All the fun of a teeter-totter but without going too high for small children. Has handle bars to hand on to. Best for kids 3 and under as it is too small for older and taller kids.


kids barbequeBackyard Barbeque for Toddlers

If your family spends the summer cooking outdoors, your toddler will love to have his or her own barbeque. You can even buy food and grilling supplies to go with it.


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