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The Best Hard Plastic Wading Pools for Kids

Hard plastic wading pools for kids will last a lot longer than the thin plastic blow up pools. They may cost more to buy, but because they can be used for several summers, they will save you money in the long run. And no patches or repairs are usually needed with these. Here are some of the best for all ages.  Some of these choices may surprise you.

Step 2 Wading Pool for Toddlers
This is the best choice for the youngest of swimmers. It only holds a few inches of water, has two small seats, and traction on the bottom of the pool. As a bonus, it comes with the umbrella for shade and funnels for play. The plastic is thick enough and durable enough that it is less likely to crack. It’s small size makes it easy to dump the water out for cleaning daily. The manufacturer states that this pool is made for ages two and up. But it will work for young toddlers and infants assuming you are sitting with your child in the pool and only fill it an inch or two with water.

Cons: Kids over age 3 will probably find this wading pool too small.

Dog Wading PoolDog Wading Pool for Kids
This is the surprise best hard plastic wading pool for kids idea – look for dog pools and you will find more choices that are durable and great for kids. If it’s made for a dog, then it’s designed to withstand dog teeth and nails – and it will survive a kid and sun damage.

This Splash About Dog pool comes in small, medium, and large – perfect for kids of all ages! It is made of thick PVC and has a drain on the bottom. You don’t have to life gallons of water to dump it. The best part – it folds up for easy storage or use it as a portable pool to take with you when you travel. Buy this pool here.

plastic pool kidsStep 2 Sandbox
This sandbox can hold water as well. It’s designed to hold up to 150 pounds of sand making it strong enough to fill with water. Because it doesn’t have a drain, you do have to lift to empty the water out. When buying a sandbox as a pool, you can use it year round, filling it with sand in the winter. And the fact that you can cover it with a lid will help keep out unwanted insects and other creatures that may visit for a drink.

Wading pools for kids may not be deep, but a child can still drown in them. Never leave kids unattended when playing in any pool or near any water source.  Keep the pool empty if you are not able to sit watch your kids.

Cleaning Hard Plastic Wading Pools for Kids
Standing water will attract mosquitoes in just 24 hours. Do empty the pool every night to prevent breeding mosquitos in your yard.

To prevent algae growth, scrub inside surface weekly. Use a scrubbing sponge or scrub brush with some dish soap or Simple green. Rinse well and then fill with a solution of bleach water. Let the bleach water sit for ten minutes before rinsing again. This will prevent a buildup of algae and other grime that can grow in a kiddie pool.


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