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The Barbie Camera Doll Review

The Barbie camera doll officially named Barbie Video Girl Doll, comes in blonde, brunette, and African-American models. She has a real working video camera inside her. The video camera lens is just under her neck and the color monitor and controls are on her back. You can even download editing software so your child can make a movie from start to finish with all the special effects.

What Does She Look Like?

This Barbie wears capri jeans with pink stitching, a pink shirt, and a zebra print jacket. Her shoes (high heel of course) are also pink. The hole just below her neck is where the camera lens sits. It is outlined in silver to make it look like a necklace. However, it doesn’t look like a necklace at all. It just looks like a whole in her chest, which admittedly is a bit creepy looking. The blonde, brunette, and black dolls all wear the same outfit.

Barbie Camera Doll Reviews

This Barbie doll video camera is great for kids to learn how to work cameras. The controls are simple enough that a 6 or 7 year old can easily figure it out. However, parental help is needed when working the editing software. It does not have a flash, so inside videos can come out a little too dark. Works best outdoors. Overall, this gets high ratings from most reviews for quality and teaching young kids how to use technology and for the chance to be creative and imaginative with that technology.

Where to Buy a Barbie Camera Doll?

Barbie camera dolls can be found for sale online at Amazon and eBay. Prices can range from about $10 to $65 depending on where you buy it, the model, and if you buy new or used. As a collector’s Barbie doll, it may not have much value in the future because plenty are still available for sale. But it is a good addition for the uniqueness of blending technology with a Barbie doll.

Concerns and Controversy of the Video Camera Barbie Doll

Some have criticized Mattel’s use of a video camera with a child’s doll, including the FBI. However, this is a much safer video toy than most any cell phone that many kids have. It does not connect to a computer easily and is not automatically connected to the internet. Most kids will need an adult’s help to upload and share the video made, keeping more control with the parent than a typical cell phone.


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