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Must Have Camping Gear for Babies

Having the right baby camping gear does make camping with an infant easier. Although it does also mean you have to pack more stuff. Here is a list of some of the best and must have items I found when camping with my own kids, nieces, and nephews. It’s best to buy items that fold up and pack up easily and are multifunctional so you have to pack less.

Baby Travel Bed for Camping
You will feel more comfortable with a travel bed so you don’t have to worry about baby getting tangled up in the adult sleeping backs. And you will find that you can use it for a variety of reasons, like a nap on the beach, or just in the campsite outside the tent. But what size you need will depend on how much space you have. Buy something small for tent camping and something bigger and more useful if you have space in a large family tent or camping trailer.

infant camping playpenSmall Camping Playpen that Doubles as a Crib
The BabyBjorn Travel Crib makes a great crib and playpen but is smaller for smaller spaces. It folds up into a travel case with handles and weighs only 11 pounds. Since it does sit on the ground, do make sure there are no rocks under it for baby’s comfort.
A playpen is necessary if you ever plan to put baby down while you are at the campsite. It keeps them off the dirt and lets them be free to play with toys or look around the woods. If you have a portable playpen already, this can work well for camping to pack up and take with you. If you are going to use it as a crib or bed as well, just make sure your tent or trailer has enough room.

baby sun shade beachBaby Sun Shade for the Beach
If you are planning to spend time at a beach, then do get a sun shade with a floor. Babies put everything into their mouth, and that includes sand. This will help keep them from eating the sand and the sun off their face. Bring the travel bed to put inside for a nice place to nap at the beach.

baby camping equipmentTravel High Chair for Babies
While you can have your baby sit on your lap for every meal, making a travel high chair for babies a bit of a splurge, you will love that you bought it. Just like at home, baby can be seated at the table for meal time and let you be free to eat your own food.

baby backpackBackpack Carrier
A must have if you plan to do any hiking or exploring. This Chicco Smart Support Backpack carrier for infants is one of the best because it has a sunshade and places to carry supplies. It’s mesh keeps it well ventilated so your infant doesn’t get too hot and it’s lightweight so you are not carrying too many extra pounds.

camping gear for babiesPortable Activity Seat for Baby
Ok, I will admit, this is not a must have. But it folds up so small that it does not take up much space when packing to leave for your trip. If you have an infant that loves his home play activity center, then you will be happy to have one of these with you on your camping trip.

Mosquito Repellents for Baby
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends products with 10 to 30 percent deet for infants older than 2 months. There are other Deet-free products that according to the label are OK to use on infants, such as Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard and California Baby Bug Repellent, but do speak with your doctor before using any mosquito repellents on your infant. And read the label before use.

camping mosquito netsMosquito Nets
Definitely a must have on the camping gear for babies list is mosquito nets. You will want one for every item you put baby into from the stroller to the playpen. These are much safer than using mosquito repellents.

Infant Life Jacket
It doesn’t matter how much your infant hates the life jacket, this is a must if you are boating or otherwise spending time on the water. Infant life jackets have the pillow that supports the head in the water.

baby water floatBaby Water Float
If you are at the lake, then you and your baby will enjoy have a water float to play in.

Portable Washing Machine for Camping
These portable washing machines can be a lifesaver if you realized you did not pack enough clothes. Too many diaper blowouts will do that.

Portable Baby Swing
Not every parent will think this is a must have camping gear for babies, but I know some of you will. The swing you have at home that gets used hours a day for naps is going to be too big and too much trouble to bring. Instead take along a portable baby swing and your baby will nap as easily as he does at home.

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