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Penn and Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit

Jillette Penn and Raymond Teller have been known as the comedic magic team Penn and Teller since the late 1970s. During performances, Penn  talks, while Teller keeps quiet, a technique often used for laughs. They had several Broadway hit shows and several TV appearances, including an Emmy winning PBS special Penn & Teller Go Public. Their show in Las Vegas has been the top Vegas magic show for over 10 years.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us is a television program that originated in England and new versions are on the CW network during the summer. Magicians come on the program to do a trick. If Penn and Teller are unable to figure out how it was performed, the magician is able to perform in the Penn and Teller theater in Vegas with Penn and Teller. Penn & Teller: Fool Us, is the concept for their first magic kit.

The Penn & Teller: Fool Everyone magic kit contains 200 illusions personally selected and perfected by them for the kit. It is the first officially licensed kit by the duo. The kit is a complete course in magic, and an excellent start for an amateur magician, or for those who may want to continue further. It contains illusions, instructions on mind reading and other classics magicians perform. This kit includes the cups, cards, cubes, wand and other equipment needed for a magic performance. The included DVD gives help and tips the performer may use to guide them to smoother performances. This is good for an occasional trick at a social gathering, or as a full blown stage performance.

This is a great for someone interested in giving a classical magic performance.

Kidz Labs Magic Set with 12 TricksKidz Labs Magic Set with 12 Tricks

This is the best bargain for your budding magician to amaze friends and family with their magical prowess. It includes 12 different tricks and includes a wand, rope, playing cards, dice, magic cups, and more. It also includes the instructions on how to perform these magic tricks. This is for children 8 – 15 years old. It’s a good basic introduction to performing magic tricks beginning magicians.

100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

This is for the serious magician. This magic kit for sale contains an instructional book and DVD on how to do 100 magic tricks and comes with all the props to perform each one. The 19.5 inches wide by 10 inches high suitcase will double as a magicians table to do the tricks as well as store the equipment and props. The kit contains a top hat, wand, dice, cards, cups and balls and many other props to do a wide range of magician tricks as seen on TV.  This kit contains enough material to keep your young magician busy for a long time. Recommended for ages 7 – 12 years.

Legends of Magic DVD Set with 300 Fun TricksLegends of Magic DVD Set with 300 Fun Tricks

Fantasma manufactures several popular magic kits. This Fantasma magic set contains an instructional booklet and a 90 minute instructional DVD and table to do the 300 tricks in the set. The DVD also includes historical footage of magicians such as Great Houdini, Al Flosso, Blackstone, Kalanagin and others in performance. Props include a magic money machine, metal linking rings, money paddle, puzzle box, coin base, cup and tube, illusion box, magic wand, Chinese sticks, tricky boomerangs, magic deck of cards, rope, card box, handkerchiefs, DVD, poster, and more. More than enough to get an aspiring magician started. Recommended for those 7 years and older, however, some purchasers feel that a 7-year old’s-hands aren’t big enough to perform some of the tricks.

Criss Angel Magic Kits for Sale Criss Angel Magic Kits for Sale – with 550 Magic Tricks!

Criss Angel, along with Penn and Teller, may be the most well-known current magician. His television show Mindfreak, and other television appearances have made him a well-known magician to the general public. Of course, there are magic sets with his name and photograph on the box.

This kit contains instructions and accessories to do 550 magic tricks. It is the winner of an International Magicians Society award for best magic kit. It includes dozens of props, including several card decks and other special magician cars, 8 spikes and spike case, sponge balls, money printer, cups, ropes, and vase. The DVD includes instructions for the tricks and how to levitate anywhere without props. This kit is for 8 years and older.

Melissa and Doug Magic Set – A Top Rated and Review Magic Trick Set for Kids

This Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magic Set contains 10 tricks stored in a wooden box that doubles as a magic table. The tricks are a disappearing ball, Egyptian prediction, cylinder squeeze, vanishing coin and zone, and more. The young magician has possibly seen most of these, and with practice can master them. Melissa and Doug make good kid’s products and this is too. It will improve the user’s dexterity, motor skills and provide a good foundation to advance in magic if they want. It is recommend for 8 years up and one of the most durable sets available.

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