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Where to Buy Play Sand for the Sandbox

sandbox for kidsA list of where to buy play sand for the sandbox that makes it safe, easy, and inexpensive to fill your kids’ sandbox, sandpit, or sand table. Also you’ll learn that there are several options for sand, including soft colored sand that is irresistible to kids.

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Easiest Place to Buy Play Sand: The Local Garden and Hardware Retailers

For where to buy play sand in bulk, head to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot or any other local hardware and garden store. The sand sold will have been sifted and washed making it safe to play in. If you need a large amount of sand to fill a very large sand pit, contact a local landscaping supply company that sells rocks, bricks, dirt, and other supplies in bulk. They will most likely also sell sand.

Cost of Standard Play San: Cheap

The cost of play sand at a local hardware or garden center is cheap. Usually the retailer will have all-purpose sand and play sand for sale. Both are generally safe sands for the sandbox, but play sand is the better softer sand for playing. All-purpose sand is courser and may clog the sand toys; however it will be $1 to $2 less per bag than play sand. Play sand is finer, smoother, and less rough on the hands and feet. It also runs through the sand toys better. It will mold better when wet to make sand castles too.

Play sand is usually sold in 50-pound bags for about $3 to $5 per bag. Do buy more bags than you think you need. 50 pounds sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t go very far. About 100 pounds may fill a small sand table, but it will barely cover the bottom of a sand pit.

Colored Sand for the Sandbox

Colored sand is awesome for playing in and perfect for sensory sand tables! It’s fine, thin, and soft to play in. You can find it in white, pink, blue, green, magenta, and may other colors. The texture draws kids and even adults to play in it as a sensory activity. It is however, not cheap sand. Therefore it’s best to use it in a smaller sand table that will not get water, dirt, or other debris in it so that it will last for years. Colored sand is also great for art projects.

Santasktik Colored Colored Sand for the Sandbox Play Sand Review

This is a 10-pound box of sand. You can buy it in a number of colors including black, tan, red, yellow, green, purple, and pink. It is non-toxic and does not contain silica or quartz. Santasktik also makes a soft white sand. That is sold in 25 pound boxes for the about the same price as a 10-pound colored box of sand. You can mix the white sand in with the colored to save some money filling the sand table and still have color.

Where to Buy Play Sand Crayola Sand for Sandbox Review

Crayola also makes colored play sand that is fine and smooth. It’s dust-free and non-toxic. This is a 20-pound bag. You will need 2 to 3 bags at least for a small to medium sand table.

How to Clean Play Sand

Really there is no good way to clean play sand. You can use a sifter to get rocks, clumps of mud, and food out that inevitably gets mixed in. However, just plan on digging out and dumping the sand every so often and completely replacing it. This is really the best way to keep the sand clean and since sand is cheap, this shouldn’t be a major expense. Also, do put a cover on your sandbox if you have free roaming neighborhood cats or it will be used as a litter box. Cat poop in the sandpit creates a health hazard for the kids.

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