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How to Protect Your Baby or Toddler from the Fireplace

Baby proofing a fireplace will not only give your mobile baby and toddler protection from getting burned, it can also help prevent bumps and bruises as toddlers always seem to fall where there’s a sharp corner.

How to Protect Your Baby or Toddler from the Fireplace Quick Tips

If you want full protection, then you may feel most comfortable with the fireplace gate, which will keep your young children away from the fireplace and hearth completely. If you don’t want to have a gate up, then the heath protection pads and the door lock will also help keep your infant or toddler safe from the dangers of the fireplace.

Protect Your Baby or Toddler from the Fireplace Fireplace Door Lock

This fireplace door lock will keep your curious infant or toddler out of the fireplace where ashes could still be very hot. This is made of bars that hold the door handles tight so you can’t even open the fireplace doors a little to get fingers pinches.

Baby proofing a fireplaceFireplace Hearth Seat Pads

This thick rubber and foam pad covers a standard hearth measuring up to 90 inches along the front of the fireplace hearth. It fits over the corners and edges of the hearth to protect your child should he trip and fall onto the edge or corner of the hearth. It is flame retardant. It actually comes as three separate pieces so that you can cut the middle straight piece to the size you need. It comes with two types of tapes to secure it to most any type of surface including brick, tile, and granite. You do need to follow the instructions carefully to bond the fireplace hearth seat pad to the brick. If it the brick is not cleaned or the tape doesn%u2019t have several hours to set before getting pulled and tugged on by your little one, then it may not stay in place.

fireplace baby gateFireplace Gates for Babies

This fireplace baby gate is made by Kidco, which from personal use, makes some of the best sturdy baby gates. The gate wraps around the entire hearth to be screwed into the wall on either side. It comes with a door that you can position in the right spot in front of your fireplace door. You can also buy extension pieces to fence off larger spaces. Because the fences slides into wall mounts, you can actually quickly remove the entire gate if needed and replace later. Perfect for grandparents who don’t need their fireplace gated all the time, but would like one for when the grandkids visit. This will also work to protect baby from a wood stove.

Kidco Fireplace Gate Installation Instructions Video

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