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How to Child Proof Electrical Outlets

Baby proofing the electrical outlets should be first on the list!

Learn how to child proof electrical outlets around your home and what products will best help you do that. When choosing what you need to keep your baby or toddler from playing with electrical cords and outlets, do consider your child’s personality and abilities. Not all of these protects keep all babies away. And nothing is better than adult supervision.

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outlet coversStandard Plastic Electrical Outlet Covers

These are you quick, easy, and cheap option for child proofing your electrical outlets. They simply fit snuggly into the outlet. For most babies, these work fine and they are easy enough for adults to remove when you need an outlet. One pack of these Mommy’s Helper outlet plugs will be enough for your entire house.

However, some toddlers develop their dexterity early and can remove these. If that is your child, then you need to use one of the options below.

baby proofing outletsSafety Plate Outlet Covers

These replace your regular outlet covers. To plug something in, you have to slide the holes into place. When you remove the electrical cord, the outlet plates automatically slide back hiding the outlet beneath.

Use these in any outlets where you have something plugged in all the time, such as the computer or lamps. If your child investigates the cord and pulls it out, the outlet will be covered automatically so he can’t try to plug it back in.


outlet coverOutlet Cover and Cord Shortener

This is another option for outlets that have something plugged in all the time. You plug in your cord, wrap the excess cord around the frame and then snap on the cover. Since your baby or toddler’s hands are small, he won’t be able to push the buttons to pull off the box protecting the outlet.

baby proofing cordsHow to Hide the Electrical Cords from Your Baby and Toddler

Feed the cord through these tubes and attach them to that wall or baseboard. The electrical cords are now hidden from baby and secured against the wall making it more difficult for your child to pull on the electrical cords.


hide cords babyCord Shortener

These are simple boxes that hold any excess cord. Not only does this keep cords away from kids, it also just makes the area look more organized.


baby proof power stripPower Strip Cover

These cover the power strip outlets locking in the cords and hiding any unused outlets on the power strip. The one by Safety 1st is adjustable in length and durable.


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