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Gross Science Experiments for Kids: The SmartLab Squishy Toys and Science Kits

Gross science experiments for kids can come in a tidy packaged box. Disgusting, gross and toys that make peoples stomach queasy are the perfect toys for some kids. If this sounds like one of yours, or you know one, these may deserve consideration as a birthday or Christmas gift. While these may be on the gross side, such as snot slime, foaming flush, and potty putty, these anatomically correct toys include educational literature to educate as well as be fun. SmartLab has won the 2011 Good Housekeeping Best Toy and other awards.

Smartlab toys That’s Gross Science Lab

This toy has 26 gross experiments to entertain and educate a child. It comes with a 24-page color booklet with instructions for experiments that look, feel, and smell gross. These simple experiments provide the foundation of chemistry and scientific principles for 8 year olds and up. Use equipment such as a funnel, slime stand, molds, beakers, and more to explore gasses, chemical reactions, and other scientific stuff. Some common household materials are needed as well as 2 AAA batteries.

A Sneak Peak Video of the SmartLab That’s Gross Science Lab Kit:

SmartLab Human Body SmartLab Human Body

Disgusting as this may sound and appear, the SmartLab Human Body is an elementary introduction to how the human body works. This toy has the various body systems, such as cardiovascular, digestive, skeletal, and muscular systems, which can be taken out and replaced. This is rated for 8 to12-year-olds and is popular for homeschooling as part of an elementary biology curriculum. Included is a 32-page illustrated instruction book, forceps, tweezers, and a tray to place the organs. The body is 12 inches tall.

smartlabSquishy Head to Toe

The Squishy Head to Toe features transparent correct models of the human body. The nervous systems, eyeballs, and skeleton glow in the dark. Plastic surgical tools, safe for little hands, allow dissecting and operating on the 12-inch body. Included with the body and stand, and squishy body parts are a poster, tweezers, forceps, scalpel, 24 page book, instruction sheet and 10 activity. For 8 years old and older, this could be used for homeschooling.

smartlab dinosaurThe Amazing Squishy T. Rex

Squishy and a T. Rex. What could be better? The exterior surface is transparent to allow seeing the squishy internal organs. This is a 15-inch model. It includes removable squishy internal organs of lungs, stomach, heart, tongue and intestines. Other organs include plastic bones, shell pieces, stand, and 24-page instruction book which contains accurate information about dinosaurs and specifically the tyrannosaurus rex. Recommended for 8 years and older kids who are into dinosaurs.


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