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Great Tips for Flying with a Toddler or Young Child: Bring the Right Games, Toys, and Activities

Use these great tips for flying with a toddler or young child to make flying less stressful. The key is to have an assortment of games and activities that you can rotate to keep your child entertained and busy. For airplane travel, you want activities that are mostly self-contained with few pieces that will drop and roll away, are quiet so as not to disturb other passengers, and of course interest your child. Here are some of the best games and activities you can buy and bring for making that long flight not so boring for the youngest of kids and less stressful for you.

ipad for kidsElectronics

A portable DVD player, iPad, Nexus or other electronic device can keep your youngster entertained for the entire trip and make you wonder how your parents survived air travel with kids without technology. Don’t worry about how much time he’s been glued to the iPad when flying with your kids. Instead, plan ahead and bring all his favorite DVDs or load the iPad with videos, new games and other apps to keep him busy. With the iPad, you can easily sneak some educational games into your child’s collection. However, do buy headphones for your child. The other passengers will not be pleased if they have to listen to video game sounds or episodes of Barney for the entire trip.

travel games toddlersTravel Doodle

Travel Doodles are another cheap travel activity that are small enough to carry in a backpack and can be used for road trips as well. Buy the magnetic Travel Doodle with the attached pen and you will not lose any pieces. You can find these priced anywhere from $5 to $20. The cheaper ones are usually smaller than, and not as durable as, the higher priced ones.

melissa and doug travel gamesMelissa & Doug Travel Games

Known for making durable high quality kids games, toys, and puzzles, Melissa & Doug also have a line of travel games. The memory game comes with several cards and does not have any loose pieces. For toddlers, the magnetic fishing game or stack and sort board are great activities to help keep a young toddler’s hands busy while staying in a seat. These do have some loose pieces, but you can also put these on the tray table in front of your toddler and help her keep the pieces on the table. The age on the package says for 5 years old and up, but many 3 and even 2 year olds will like these games with a parent’s help.

top travel activitiesTravel Tangos

Travel Tangos are good for the child that likes to do puzzles and designs. It’s a self-contained book of puzzle designs for your child to copy. The pieces are magnetic and stick to the last page in the book. Designs include animals, objects such as houses, and people. These are small books, so you can buy a couple and easily fit them into one backpack.

toddler crayonsNew Crayons and Coloring Books

New crayons and markers are a must have when flying on a plane with a child. Even if your child rarely chooses to color at home, get her a new set of crayons, markers, and coloring books for the trip. It’s hard to resist new crayons, markers, and coloring pages. Buy a book of blank paper as well and you can come up with impromptu games to play together, such as tic-tac-toe, if needed.

toddler handheld gameHandheld Games

You can get several handheld games, such as solitaire, poker, arcade games, and hangman, for less than $10 to 20 each. Some will contain several games in one unit. If your child is addicted to Tetris, go ahead and feed that addition when flying to keep him busy. Pick up a couple of handheld games to take and then you can play too.

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