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Fun Reading Games for 1st Graders and 2nd Graders

For some kids, learning to read is just not fun, and that can add to reading challenges. Everyone has a subject that just never clicked for them. Maybe yours was chemistry, physics, math, or music class. If your child’s is reading, then these fun reading games for 1st graders and 2nd graders can help them advance their reading skills and make reading fun. They may not even know they are learning something new.

Educational Insights Dominoes Review

Educational Insights makes several fun reading domino games. You can start with just one set and build on that as your child’s reading improves. For beginning readers, start with the phonics dominoes. The different sets include short vowels, blends and diagraphs, and long vowels. All of these can be used together or as separate sets.

As your child’s reading skills grow, you can add the word and then sentence building dominoes. Start with the set that matches your child’s reading current level. Ask your child’s teacher if you need help picking one.

You can adjust the rules of the game to make it easier or more difficult.

Mad Libs for KidsMad Libs for Kids as Reading Games

Remember Mad Libs? Well they have not gone away and are as much fun as you remember. And they can help your child think reading is fun. Fill out one of these with your child and then have him or her read the final story back to you. To show how funny these can be, you may have to read the first one or two yourself.

Since these aren’t labeled for reading level, choose Mad Libs books written for kids and a topic that interests your child, such as animals, Star Wars, or adventures. Best for more advanced readers 1st grade and up.

reading games for kidsRorys Story Cubes Review

You may be looking at these cubes with pictures and wonder where the reading and learning are. Before kids can put words to paper or learn phonics, they must learn the power of words, language, and storytelling. With this, kids can then learn that stories can be written down with words on paper. A great way to make reading stories fun is to teach kids that storytelling is fun and powerful.

It’s a simple game where you roll the picture dice and create your own story. But with that you can add more to it like writing down the story for your child to read back later or drawing pictures of the story with key words to match. This is a great game for pre-reading preschoolers, kindergarteners, and up.

Old Fashioned Games for Learning to Read

Word searches, hangman, and crosswords are all reading games that can be modified to your child’s level. Word searches are best for kids who can read some, but do keep it at their level. A word search with too many words can be too much for a kindergartener, but enjoyed by a 1st or 2nd grader. Hangman can be made for any grade level as can crossword puzzles. And don’t forget Scrabble!

Tips for Using Fun Reading Games for 1st Graders and 2nd Graders

To get the most out of these games and help your child learn to love reading which will lead to better reading skills here are some tips:

  • Play the games with your child.
  • Have fun with your child.
  • Don’t make it a lesson; just play and enjoy each other.
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