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Fidget Toys for Kids

Fidget toys for kids are a great way to relieve stress, exercise joints, and provide hand therapy. And they can help kids with ADHD focus better, whether at home or in the classroom. While these are classified as toys, they are also great for adults in an office or workplace setting. These can be useful for those with Autism or Asperger’s, or when quitting smoking, or times that produce extra stress.

Relaxation Handheld Tangle Toy

The Tangle Relax Therapy toy is 8 interconnected pieces designed to provide anxiety relief and encourage calmness during anxious times. Each component is covered with a rubberized material for tactile pleasure. Tangle Relax Therapy is a great way to provide calmness while using one hand for people 5 years and older. A popular item for any kind of stress relief.

fidget toyTangle Therapy

Tangle Therapy is similar, but with 20 interconnected pieces instead of 8. This fidget toy also allows one handed manipulation. It is covered with soft material to feel good as the hand twists and maneuvers it around. It relieves stress while talking on the phone or other tasks that require only one hand. This is recommended for 5 – 12 years, but may be better for bigger hands.

relaxation toyWooden Puzzle Fidget Toy

The Wooden Puzzle Fidget is a item with great tactile components to promote calmness. It is made with 12 colorful cubes which allows one to fidget and twist and turn the cubes. Some people need to fidget no matter what, and this is great for that. It is addicting and for 5 and older.

liquid bubble toyLiquid Bubbles Relaxation Toy

This is a visual calm down tool. It has a calming effect on those with Autism or Asperger type symptoms, and is a distraction for all special needs children and adults. It is somewhat like a 6.3 inch tall lava lamp with colorful liquid drops falling and rearranged themselves as the fall. This is safe as there is no heat or electricity to cause injury or damage. It is recommended for 1 month and older. If you know someone who likes watching water run, this may be for them. Colors may vary from the illustration.

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