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Detective Science Fingerprint Kits For Kids

If you know someone with an interest in forensic cop shows, detective science fingerprint kits for kids might be a good present. It is an activity that will keep them busy for periods of time while teaching them to be patient and persistent as they imitate their favorite TV investigator. The age for these kits should be at least 8 to 10 years of age. These kits contain real powders used to reveal latent fingerprints.

Crime Scene Fingerprint Kit

This fingerprint kit contains brush, powder, ink, ink pad, fingerprint stamps, templates, magnifying glass, gloves and other items needed to successfully reveal latent fingerprints. Manufacturer recommends 10 years an up.

fingerprint lab for kidsThe Forensics Fingerprint Lab

This kit contains all the necessary powders, brushes, inks and equipment needed to lift fingerprints. Manufacturer gives appropriate ages of 8 – 15 for this kit.

fingerprint science kitFingerprint Science Kit

This fingerprint kit contains all the necessary equipment to reveal hidden prints. Manufacturer recommends ages 8 and up.

Contains all the usual equipment needed to become a fingerprint expert. Manufacturer recommends 8 – 11 years old.


The powders are somewhat sticky to adhere to the oils the fingerprints leave. These kits can be very messy, so some children may require supervision or instruction when first using them.

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