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Cool Spy Glasses for Kids

These cool spy glasses for kids make unique and fun gifts for boys and girls ages 5 to 10 and even older. Give as a gift to complete a spy kit for kids or even pass out as party favors at your child’s spy themed birthday party.

Spy Night Vision Goggles for Kids
These Spy Gear night goggles for kids allow your child to complete his or her spy missions in the dark. It has two blue LED lights to help light the way with a sight scope. It has an adjustable head strap which will fit most ages from about 4 to 10. Reviewers remark that you really can see up to 25 feet in the dark as advertised.

Do buy at least 2, so your child can play with a friend. If you have several kids, buy one for each as they will fight over it!

review spy glassesCheap Rearview Spy Sunglasses

These are the classic spy glasses for kids with a mirror on each side so you can see behind you without anyone knowing you are watching. Great gift to add to other spy equipment for kids. These are also cheap enough that you can buy several as a party favor for spy themed birthday party favors.

kids spy glassesSpy Net Ultra Night Vision Binoculars for Kids

These are for kids who are really into playing spies. These night vision binoculars for kids will let them see up to 50 feet in the dark. Inside is a video camera that can take video and photos. Several extra fun features include a thermal tech mode for heat vision and ghost recon to %u201Ccapture ghostly images%u201D.  Kids may need to hide this spy toy from their parents, as its fun for both kids and adults.

best spy glasses for kidsSpy Net Video Glasses for Kids

They look like regular cool sunglasses, but there’ a secret video camera young spies can use to help complete their missions. It can record 20 minutes of video and/or take thousands of pictures. Connects to a computer with a USB to download the video and pictures. Upload the video and see the world from your child%u2019s perspective. This is for older kids. It will not fit most kids under the age of 8. For serious spy enthusiast only.

Your mystery loving kid may also enjoy these magic sets!

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