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Best Toddler Step Stool for Potty Training

Some potty trained toddlers may be ready, even insisting, on doing the task from start to finish by themselves. And if your child is wearing clothes without buttons or zippers, he probably can take on toileting himself, although you probably should still supervise and help with wiping at this age. Since many toddlers, especially those who potty trained before age two, cannot reach the toilet to sit down, you will need to buy a potty stool if you are using a potty seat that sits on the toilet. Here are some of the best toddler step stools on the market that give the stability a young toddler needs and extra height without being so tall that your child is elevated precariously over the toilet.

BabyBjorn Step Stool

The BabyBjorn Safe Step stool is 8 inches tall and wide enough on the top to give your child some room to step up and turn around. This also makes the base wide and less likely to tip over. The top surface is rubber with bumps to prevent slipping. If you have an older child that can easily step up and down without toddling, then buy this cheaper potty stool. As a plus, it comes in several bright and cheery color combinations including pink and purple and green and yellow.

This wrap around toddler step stool gives kids a large stable surface to step onto.

This wrap around toddler step stool gives kids a large stable surface to step onto.

Summer Infant Little Looster Wrap Around Step Stool

The Summer Infant Little Looster step stool wraps around the base of the toilet.  It in the mid-price range and gives a child more stability than the BabyBjorn. This stool is also 8 inches tall, but it wraps around the base of the toilet. So if your toddler needs more space, then the Looster Booster is the one to buy.

This is the most stable potty stool you can buy for kids.

This is the most stable potty stool you can buy for kids.


The Potty Stool Wrap Around Step Stool with Handles

The Potty Stool step stool has a solid base, wide step, and large handles to grasp as the child climbs up. Once in place, this step stool does not move as children climb up and down. This is the best buy if you have a young toddler that needs to use her hands to climb up, or if you have a child with developmental delays, or just a fear of the toilet. It is the highest priced of the three, but if you have a child that needs this extra security to use the toilet, you won’t regret the purchase. Click here for more about this step stool.

toilet-trainer-with-ladderMommy’s Helper Step Stool With Potty Seat

This is an easy to use combo step stool with handles and cushioned potty seat. Unlike other similar products, this one is easy to set up and much more comfortable than a hard plastic seat. For the price this one is the best bargain considering you are getting both a step stool and the potty seat.


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