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Best Science Experiment Kits for Kids at Home: Kindergarten to 8th Grade

Science Wiz some of the best science experiment kids for kids at home. These may require initial supervision and assistance from an adult, but will engage kids in kindergarten, elementary school, on up to about 7th or 8th  grade. Science Wiz’s aim is to teach science fundamentals to children while having fun. These kits are good supplements to school classwork, science fair projects, or to use as homeschool science curriculum. Some Science Wiz kits have been awarded educational prizes for the teaching value. Penny Norman Ph.D, designed the kits to make science fun, easy, and accessible for children using household items to illustrate scientific concepts.

Physics Experiment Kit

The Science Wiz Physics Experiment Kit’s goal is to give a fundamental understanding of physics with 24 different activities in one kit. This award winning kit is aimed at ages 8 and older, but some feel this kit is good for age 5 to 10 years or about kindergarten to fifth grade. The physics experiment kit explores Newton’s laws of motion with a 48 page booklet and materials. This kit teaches inertia, mass, velocity, kinetic energy, and other motion concepts.

Fun and easy science experiments DNA Experiment Kit

DNA as seen on CSI and other forensic science shows. This Science Wiz kit is aimed at children 8 to 12 years old or about third to eighth grade. This kit teaches the fundamentals of DNA, which is the basis for modern biology through 8 different experiments. The child will extract DNA from fruit, build a double helix, and other fun stuff while learning sterile techniques and lap procedures.  The DNA experiment kit contains a 40-page instruction booklet. Pair this with a fingerprint kit and you can have your own little detective in the house.

Cool easy science experiments electricityElectricity Kit

The Science Wiz electricity kit lets the budding electrical scientist get their start but putting together electrical systems to power lights, fans, motors, buzzers and more. This comes with a 40 page book of illustrated step by step instructions on how to make those things happen. This kit has won the Scientific American Young Reader’s Book Award. This is for children 5 to 10 years old.

Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment KitChemistry Plus Experiment Kit

The Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment Kit is best for upper elementary to middle schook kids about 8 to 12 years old.  It includes a 48 page instruction book that contains information to do the experiments. Some of these experiments require flame, so adult supervision is required. Some of the activities are growing crystals, making rocket fuel from water, determine the alkalinity or acidity of compounds and other fun experiments.

What’s most amazing about the Science Wiz kits for kids is the number of experiments you get for the price. Many of these are less than $25 but give you multiple experiments for that price.

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