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Best iPad Cases for Toddlers and Young Kids

An iPad protective case will save you money.

If you are handing the iPad over to your child, you need protect your $600 dollar investment from the expected falls and mishandling. These are some of the best iPad cases for toddlers and young kids for their ability to protect and extra features. All come in sizes to fit older and new generation iPad tablets.

Today’s kids will not know a world without a thin handheld computer called the iPad. It is easy enough for 2-year-olds to use to help learn their colors. Some schools give iPads to students to stay updated and reduce textbook and paper expenses. Many parents of autistic children and their doctors have found the iPad significantly helps with communication and reduces symptoms without making the child stand out. And it can be the parent’s best friend on a long car ride or airplane. But the iPad is not a cheap toy or even an expensive school book. If you are handing the iPad over to your child, you need protect your $600 dollar investment from the expected falls and mishandling. These are some of the best iPad covers for kids for their ability to protect and extra features.

Best ipad case for toddlers Griffin Survivor – The #1 Best iPad Case for Kids

The Griffin Survivor was built to withstand military action, literally. It has been tested to survive wind, rain, 6-foot drops onto concrete, extreme vibration, and an hour in a sand storm will not harm the ports or damage the screen. It can survive life in the military and most parents report also life with a toddler or young child.

It comes with a front and back cover that easily snaps together. You then add a soft backing for extra absorption and covers for the ports–in case you find yourself stuck in a sand storm, or at least to protect against spilled milk and sticky fingers. The front panel does have a screen guard, which many iPad cases, even ones designed for kids, do not have. It also comes with a stand so you can prop the iPad up for movie watching. The one major drawback is that the stand is not part of the case, so you have to remember where you put it and pack it separately into a bag when you travel. You can get the Griffin Survivor in some bright kid friendly colors, or opt for the black so that you are embarrassed to bring your iPad to work with you.


Military testing

Professional look

Has a screen cover

Comes in pink, black, blue, purple, and green.


Can be more expensive, price varies

Poor stand

Best ipad cover for kids Gripcase for iPad

The Gripcase was designed by a dad with a 2-year-old son with an iPad. It is a single piece of foam that frames the iPad. Extending from all sides of the case are easy to hold handles. It’s thick and sturdy foam surrounds the iPad with a shock absorbing bumper. It comes in several bright kid colors, but the black does give a professional look if you need that. The material is resistant to mildew and bacteria and washable.


Has handles perfect for toddler hands or kids with who have trouble gripping.


Bright colors

Can look professional


Mildew and bacteria resistant


Comes in black, blue, purple, green, pink, and red.


Does not have a screen protector

Ipad protective case for kids iGuy for iPad

Reminiscent of Gumby, the iGuy for iPad is made with clumsy kid hands in mind and gets a best nod for just being cute. It’s large legs let you stand the iPad up for watching movies and arms provide easy to gripe handles for young children to grasp. The foam is thick and does a good job of absorbing tumbles. The biggest complaint with the iGuy is that it can be difficult to access the ports for charging. However, since this case is large and bulky, and a bit on the ridiculous side for an adult to carry to work, you probably will only want to use this at home for your child anyway. Then once your child’s time is up, you can switch the iPad back to your more professional iPad case or travel case if needed.


Fun and colorful conversation starter

Good stand

Easy to gripe handles


Comes in green, yellow/orange, red/pink, purple, and pink.


Not a professional looking case

Large and bulky

Difficult to hook up the charger


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