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Best Interactive Clock for Kids to Learn How to Tell Time

The best interactive clock for kids to learn how to tell time will help develop a child’s naturally growing interest in and capacity to understand the concept of time. This usually happens about the time a child is in kindergarten or first grade. Once they start to ask what time it is and can easily recognize numbers from 1 to 60, they are ready for a clock that teaches them to tell time.

Telly the Interactive Clock for Kids Review – 2009 Creative child Magazine Top Toy of the Year

Telly the Teaching clock has a simple operation that any young child can figure out and it is still one of the top sellers on Amazon. In one setting, the child can move the arms of the clock and Telly tells you what time it is. The other setting is a quiz. Telly asks you to move the arms to a certain time and lets your child know if it’s done correctly. It tells both analog and digital time. On the face next to the clock numbers are the corresponding minutes which is a nice feature.

The newer version comes in pink and purple and blue and orange. The face of new Telly is a bit more inviting than the older version.

This is a good basic teaching clock for beginners. It does not work as a real clock, nor does it tell every minute – only 5-minute increments. So best for older preschools, kindergarteners, and first graders who are starting to grasp the concept of time.

clock puzzleShape Sorting Teaching Clock Review – A Melissa & Doug Puzzle Clock

No batteries required – this is a simple and basic teaching clock. A fabulous teaching clock for ages 3 to 7. Most 3-year-olds are not able or read to learn the real concept of time, but they can play with this puzzle clock to develop fine motor skills, learn shapes, matching, numbers, and colors, as well as become familiar with the features of a clock. As your child gets older, you can use this as a teaching tool to work with your child in learning to tell time. And you can be assured that it’s well-made and durable as all Melissa & Doug products are. The only drawback to this clock is you do have to keep all the pieces together.

Vintage Old Fashioned Teaching Clocks for Kids

Have memories of a favorite clock toy as a kid? You may be able to find it on eBay and in good working condition. 1960s Fisher Price music box teaching clocks designed like a red farm barn, the 1970s Tomy the Wise Owl Answer Clock, and many others are often for sale on eBay at prices that are cheaper than buying new and modern.

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