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Best Board Games for Kids Age 7 to 8

Fun Board Games for Young Kids and Parents

Board games for kids age 7 to 8 do not have to have the parents bored and wishing the game would be done soon. There are many games that are fun for both the younger kids and adults. And as a bonus, most of these are learning games too, just don’t tell the kids. Buy one now or save for a birthday or Christmas gift for your 7 or 8 year old boy or girl.

See the top selling games for kids age 7 to 8 on Amazon now. Or continue reading for reviews of some of the best.

Dr. Seuss I Can Do That! GameDr. Seuss I Can Do That! Game

This game is tons of fun for 7 and 8 year olds and adults! You pick 3 cards that tell you to complete a crazy task, such as step over the trick-a-ma-stick with the “cake” card held between your legs. It’s guaranteed that you, your kids, grandparents, and anyone else playing this game will have lots of giggles. There’s the main game and a travel set which can be combined to create all kinds of crazy challenges. It’s a good motor skills game and great for traveling to play in hotel rooms, with the cousins, or when camping.



marble and stick gamesKerplunk

Kerpluck is still around. This is the game you insert dozens of plastic sticks into slots to hold up a pile of marbles. Then everyone takes a turn pulling one stick out at a time. The one to set the marbles loose loses the game. Watch you kids have fun learning construction and physics as they strategically try to pull out sticks without disturbing the marbles. This is a fun game for all ages, but 7 to 8 is a great age to introduce it. This is a quick game, so if your first or second grader just doesn’t have the attention span for a longer involved game, this is ideal.


Phonics and Blends DominoesPhonics and Blends Dominoes

These reading dominoes are prefect for the beginning reader in 1st or 2nd  grade. Instead of putting matching numbers together as you do in regular dominos, you have to spell a word by combining two different sounds. The words are simple enough for young readers, yet use sounds they are challenged with at school. Have fun and practice reading skills.


headband gameHedBanz Game

This simple game is loved by kids of this age range. It’s a timed game where you have to guess what you are. What you are is pictured on a card attached to the headband you wear. The person wearing the band asks yes or no questions to get clues. There is also a Disney Hedbanz and Adult version.


lying board gameFibber Board Game

It’s OK to fib in this game. With each turn, you lay down a card and say what card it is. You can fib or tell the truth. If you are caught in a fib, you have to add a nosepiece. Bad liars will quickly have a Pinocchio nose that’s hard to keep on their face. Lots of laughs will be had with this game.

beat the parents gameBeat the Parents Game

This trivia games puts the parents against the kids. There are two set so of trivia questions; one for the parents and one for the kids. Both are perfectly aimed at each age group. Your child does need to be a good reader to read the trivia questions, but if you have older kids to help the younger kids it works well. You may be surprised throughout this game what your kids know. A great learning game for learning trivia and little things you didn’t know about your kids’ interests.

qwirkle board gameQwirkle Tile Game

Qwirkle is a #1 seller on Amazon for board games. This is like dominoes with shapes and colors instead of numbers, but requires more strategy to earn more points. This is a good game if you have multiple age kids, as all can play and you won’t be bored. You can make it easy and not keep score, just playing until you run out of tiles or make it challenging and play for points, which requires a great amount of thinking ahead to gain the upper hand in the game. A good brain training game for kids and adults!


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