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Best Bathtub Seats for Babies for Sale Online

The best bathtub seats for babies make it easier for you to give your baby a bath, makes bath time comfortable and fun for baby, and is easy to clean. The best bath seats for your infant will depend on your baby’s age, size, and activity level. Here are some of the best bathtub seats for babies for sale online that fit the criteria.

A note of caution: Never use baby seats for the bath as a replacement for constant supervision. These baby bathtub seats make bathing your baby more comfortable and fun for you and baby, but even in a bath seat, a baby can accidently slip underwater quickly. Always stay right at the bathtub within arm’s reach of your child the entire time your baby is in or near water.

Bath seats for babies For Newborns

The Fisher-Price Aquarium Bathtub is a best bath seat for newborns because it transitions from a newborn bathtub to an infant bathtub. It can sit on the counter next to a sink, it may fit in a large sink, or can be placed in a bathtub. This baby tub has a mesh sling that fits securely over the bathtub. This allows you to lay your newborn just on the surface of the water so you can give him a sponge bath. When your infant is about three to four months old, you can remove the sling and set your baby in the seat that will hold him in a more upright position in the water while you bath him. For your newborn’s safety, never step away from your infant while they are in this bathtub. You should be close enough that your hand is on your newborn at all times.

baby bath flowerThe Blooming Bath Cushion

Looking for something a little different? This infant baby bath seat is a comfortable cozy flower. Baby sits in the middle and is surrounded by petals while taking a bath in a sink. Because it’s soft and flexible, it will fit most any sink. Recommended for newborns to infants 6 months of age. Comes in yellow, pink, white, and blue. You do need to put it in the dryer for a few minutes after each bath or it may not dry before the next bath.

baby bath ringBaby Bath Ring

For infants that can sit up for long periods of time, you can transition to a baby bathtub ring. The bath ring by Keter is a best choice because it has suction cups on the bottom that hold it in place in the bathtub and a molded where baby sits. It fits babies about 7 months to over a year. Although most babies in the crawling and climbing stage may not stay in this (or any) bath chair.

travel baby bathtubTravel Bath Seats for Baby

There are several inflatable tubs, such as the SnugTub, that make good travel baby seats for the bath. These are designed to blow up and fit snuggly into a bathtub providing baby with a small tub to sit up in. These are also a good option if you only have a shower and do not have a bathtub in your house. When deflated you can easily fit one of these into a suitcase for traveling.

To get the best bath seats for baby, consider how you plan to use the bath chair and how you think your child will react to it. Some bath chairs fit well in the kitchen sink, while others only fit in a larger bathtub or shower. Also, if you have an active climber, take note of all the possible ways your child could get out of the bath chair so you can prevent a serious accident. And as noted before, never move away from your infant or toddler during bath time no matter how safe the baby bathtub seat appears to be.

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