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Best Basic Electricity Kits for Kids: The Elenco Snap Circuits Toys

The Elenco Snap Circuit electricity kits for kids have the National Parenting Center-Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products, and Dr. Toy Best Educational Products awards. Snap Circuit toys teaches the basics of electricity and electronics by providing clearly marked and color coded components with instructions on how to put them together. The manuals are also available online. These are excellent toys to introduce a child to electricity basics in a variety of different ways. These are recommended for children 8 years old and older, although with an adult’s help younger kids will enjoy these too.

The parts snap together so no soldering or heat is needed. These can be used for supplemental instructional material in schools or as part of a homeschool curriculum.

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Education electronics for kids Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100c

The Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 contains 30 parts to make 100 projects. This is a good kit to start with to if you are unsure if your child will enjoy these kits. These parts snap together to form electrical circuits that make bells whistle, alarms ring, lights flash and more. These are made so little fingers can snap them together with ease like electronic Lego sets. An autistic child seems to like the lights, spinning aspect of the toy and will keep them occupied for hours. The kit contains a manual with illustrated instructions to assemble these projects. While some younger children may need initial help, they can soon follow the instructions on their own. This is a science toy most kids seem to enjoy playing with.

Snap Circuits SCElectronic kits for kids -300

The SC-300 is similar to the SC-100 only bigger. It contains some of the same parts and more. Included are 60 parts which will make 300 projects. The SC-300 works the same way by snapping lego type connections together to make a completed circuit. The SC-300 will keep kids interested for a longer periods of time, and give them a basic understanding of electricity. It is one of the most highly regarded science toys being made.

Learning electronics for kids Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750

Eighty color coded parts are included in this kit which will make 750 projects. This set contains a power amplifier, variable capacitor, analog meter, solar cell, and computer interface as part of a set of a total of 80 pieces. In addition to the projects, a user can experiment and make things of their own design. These are toys that adults will enjoy helping their children with. With more pieces and things to do, the SC-750 keeps kids occupied longer.

Elenco Snap Circuits Battery EliminatorElenco Snap Circuits Battery Eliminator

Instead of batteries you can use this plug-in adapter  for the Snap Circuit kits to provide power for the projects. It is used in place of the battery module.

Snap circuits basic electricity kits for kids make understanding electronics easy and fun. Elenco also makes more complicated electronic kits, such as radios, than those listed here. Some of these require soldering and more sophisticated electronic techniques for advanced child engineers.

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