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Alarm Clocks for Teenagers Who Can’t Wake Up in the Morning

If your teen can’t wake up to your alarm clock, then you need the most effective alarm clock. The “I slept through my alarm clock” or “My alarm clock didn’t go off for some reason” excuses can only be used so many times. The right alarm clock for your teenager may be one with a sonic boom noise or one that simulates natural sunlight that gets the brain to wake up gradually and naturally. Here are some of the top selling alarm clocks for heavy sleepers you can buy that come with outstanding reviews from others like your teen who has trouble waking up in the morning. These alarm clocks for teenagers will get your teen up and moving in the morning. No more sleeping through the alarm and being late for school.

Alarm Clocks for TeenagersThe Super Loud Sonic Boom and Vibrating Alarm Clock: The Sonic Alert with Bed Shaker Review

This cheap alarm clock for heavy sleepers gives off a 113 decibels alarm sound combined with vibration to get you to wake up on time. The volume can be adjusted and most reviewers find that setting it at level 2 or 3 is sufficient, any higher becomes painfully loud. The sound is a loud whiney and screechy beep that is quite annoying – exactly what you need to wake up your teenager. There is a shaking device attached to the clock with a cord long enough to slip under your mattress. It will shake the entire mattress.

Do read the time setting instructions when you buy this one. If you live in America you need to switch the setting on the back to 12 hours and 60hz or it will not keep time properly or function as well as it should. It can also be used with batteries should your power go out.

Best alarm clocks for heavy sleepersSunrise Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

If you’ve tried every extra loud alarm clock and bed vibrators, maybe it’s time for a new idea. Instead try using a wake-up light alarm clock. These gradual brighten your room with natural sunlight stimulating your brain to gradually wake up. They often come with an alarm sound as well so you can combine the two to get out of bed in the morning.

These work my naturally stimulating your brain that it’s time to get up, but it does so slowly just as if you were being woken by natural sunlight. These are best for people who have to get up for work when it is still dark outside. You set it to start turning on about 20 to 60 minutes before you actually need to get out of bed. With a sunlight alarm, you don’t get woken up to a jarring noise. Some models will also have a nigh time feature that slowly turns off as you go to bed.

See how the Philips Wake-up light simulates a sunrise to help your teen wake up gently and naturally.

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