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1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls and Boys

For 1st birthday gift ideas for baby girls and boys, think of toys that will have long lasting appeal, can take the abuse of a toddler, and provide the 1-year-old with the opportunity for self-exploration and discovery. Although some of the best first birthday presents may not be a toy at all, rather it could be something that benefits both the birthday child and the parents.

First birthday present ideas Ball Popper

Hasbro and Fisher-Price make different versions of the ball popper toy. This may be one of the best gifts for a 1 year old as it blows large plastic balls into the air when the child presses a button. The button and balls are large enough for small hands to grasp and lively music accompanies the action.

blocks for toddlersWood Blocks

Stacking blocks is actually used by pediatricians to monitor a child’s development. And this simple ageless set of toys teaches an infant coordination, basic math concepts, and basic engineering concepts making these one of the best toddler toys. It can even be a musical toy when toddlers hit the blocks together. But a 1-year-old needs some blocks to get their first lessons in math and engineering. For a first birthday gift, buy blocks that are too large to fit into a child’s mouth and made of all natural materials.

Bonds and Stocks

Give a toddler a head start in finances by purchasing bonds or stock certificates. Some sites let you buy single stocks which you can frame and wrap as the gift. If you are a grandparent and want to contribute regularly to your grandchild’s future, consider opening and depositing monthly into a college savings plan.

babybug magazine subscriptionKids Magazine Subscription

These first birthday gift ideas will keep giving all year long. Several magazines are available for the infant to 3-year-old age range. These include National Geographic Little Kids, Wild Animal Baby, Babybug (which is actually a small book of short children’s stories and poems), and Turtle magazine.

baby puzzlePuzzles

Another toy that teaches toddlers about shapes and motor skills is a puzzle. As a best toy for 1 year old, buy a simple puzzle where one shape fits into a matching shape and the pieces have pegs for the child to hang on to. Also consider buying slightly more complex puzzles as the 1 year old will be ready for these long before his second birthday. Look to Melissa & Doug toys for good puzzle first birthday gift ideas.

1st birthday gift ideas for girls Push Toy

Toddlers learning to walk love push toys. These toys have handles and wheels so kids can use it to balance while toddling. You’ll find most of these toddler push toys have lots of sounds and blinking lights and require batteries. Avoid those. Go for the basic push toy that does not require batteries such as the Melissa & Doug Alligator Push Toy. The joy of this toy for a toddler is the freedom and power it provides a toddler who’s now mobile on two feet. There’s no need for batteries, lights, and sounds that only annoy the parents.


Most infants have outgrown much of the clothes given as baby shower gifts. For kids in the more than 50 percentile for growth, this may mean the parents have to buy new clothes every couple of months to outfit their ever growing toddler. For first birthday gift ideas find out what size the birthday toddler is right now. Then buy clothes in that size and/or the next size up.

robeez crib shoesRobeez Shoes

A 1-year-old is just starting to walk or will be soon. Robeez shoes are soft leathery shoes that form to a child’s foot movements while providing traction and protection. The soft flexible leather stretches as the child grows which helps make these shoes last a bit longer than a typical shoe, a definite savings benefit for the parents. Also, they come in adorable designs for both boys and girls.

Wooden ride-on toys also make great 1st birthday gift ideas for boys and girls!

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